Energy Conservation Audits

  • Learn how to reduce energy use and save money.
  • Estimate annual energy use and cost to operate home energy systems and applicances with the Energy calculator.
  • Use the Energy Library to answer your energy questions.
  • Get information on energy rebates.


Making our homes as energy efficient as possible helps you save money & conserve energy. Beaches Energy Services offers a free in home energy audit to our residential customers. Let our conservation specialist check your home's insulation, water heating, HVAC system and overall home efficiency. Upon completion you will be provided customized recommendations and cost effective energy savings measures for your home & lifestyle.

Increasing energy efficiency is good for everyone. Beaches Energy Services offers a free home energy audit to all residential customers. At your convenience, a trained Energy Analyst will walk you through a survey of your home to identify energy waste and recommend energy-saving tips you can use to reduce your energy bill. Call 904-247-6241 to schedule your free Energy Audit – and start to save!


If you don't have time for an in-home visit, we have many energy tips and resources where you can perform a do-it-yourself analysis and get valuable information to start saving money and energy today.

Conservation Tips

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