Who do I contact to report an outage or trouble with my utility service? 
Call our 24-hour emergency number 904-247-6171.

How do I apply for new utility service or transfer existing service to my name? 
Applications for utility service may be submitted in person, by email, mail or by fax. Positive identification, i.e. Florida ID or valid Driver’s License is required. If submitting by email, mail or by fax, please contact our Customer Service Department at 904-247-6241.

Does Beaches Energy Services require a utility deposit? 
Yes, the minimum residential deposit for new utility service is $125 or may be based on an average two month utility bill. The deposit may be waived when our new customers provide a letter of credit for one full year from their previous utility company.  For a commercial deposit, please contact our Customer Service Department at 904-247-6241.

When will my utility deposit be returned? 
Residential deposits with interest are returned after 12 consecutive months of excellent payment history with no late payments or return checks. Commercial deposits are returned upon termination of utility service.

What should I do to have my utility service disconnected? 
Call our Customer Service Department at 904-247-6241 with your disconnect date and forwarding address, or email us at Beaches Energy Customer Service.

How do I transfer my utility service from one location to another location? 
A new application and positive identification are required to transfer service, i.e. Florida ID or a valid Driver’s License. Call our Customer Service Department at 904-247-6241 or email us at Beaches Energy Customer Service ( customerservice@beachesenergy.com ).

How do I obtain information on conserving and lowering my monthly utility bill? 
Beaches Energy Services can recommend many ways to help you save on your electric and water bill. Electric and water bills vary depending on time of year, weather, number of days in a billing cycle, and usage. We offer a free residential energy audit to assist you in evaluating the electric usage in your home. To schedule your free residential energy audit, please contact our Customer Service Department at 904-247-6241 or e-mail us at Beaches Energy Customer Service ( customerservice@beachesenergy.com ).

How can I protect my home against power surges? 
Beaches Energy Services will install a Surge Protection Device that is designed to protect major motor-driven appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners. For detailed product information and to schedule installation, call our Customer Service Department at 904-247-6241 or email us at Beaches Energy Customer Service. Application for Surge Arrester [ 73 KB PDF ]

What is the CARE Program and how do I contribute? 
Our CARE Program provides assistance to eligible applicants who are customers of Beaches Energy Services. Occasionally elderly, disabled, or low income members of our community may need assistance paying their monthly utility bills. BEAM (Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry) administers the CARE Program and qualify the families that need assistance.  You may contribute to our CARE Program by donating on your monthly utility bill or by making a donation at our Customer Service Department. For more information, call 904-247-6241. CARE Program [PDF]

Where does Beaches Energy Services get their power? 
Beaches Energy Services purchases its power from the Florida Municipal Power Agency. FMPA is owned by 29 municipal electric utilities, including Beaches Energy Services. The electric utilities that own FMPA provide power to over 1.7 million Floridians.

How do Beaches Energy Services residential rates compare with other Electric Utilities? 
Our residential electric utility rate compares very favorably to other utilities within the State of Florida and have historically remained below Florida’s average.

What is the Power Cost Adjustment that appears on my bill? 
The Power Cost Adjustment is directly related to the cost of fuel used to generate electricity. The Power Cost Adjustment is NOT additional income for Beaches Energy Services. This is a direct pass-through expense. A large percentage of the electricity we provide to our customers is produced by using clean burning natural gas.

Does Beaches Energy Services provide telecommunications for the hearing and speech impaired? 
Our hearing and speech impaired customers may contact us through the Florida Relay Center: Voice: 1-800-955-8770 or TTY(Text Telephone): 1-800-955-8771.

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