It’s Up To Us To Ensure A Safe Nesting Season.

In Florida, sea turtle nesting season begins May 1 and runs through October. It’s the largest nesting area in the world for the Northwest Atlantic Ocean Loggerhead.

Light pollution and artificial light prevent mother turtles from coming ashore to lay eggs. It can also cause hatchlings to become disoriented and wander inland, rather than toward the water.

How We’re Helping

Each nesting season, we help by:

  • Turning off street lights at beach access points where nests are present
  • Promoting Beaches Sea Turtle Patrol recommendations to all Beaches Energy Customers

At Beaches Energy, we work with the Beaches Sea Turtle Patrol (BSTP) and the City of Jacksonville Beach to spread the word about turtle safety and help enforce the Patrol’s recommendations.

How Can You Help?