Beaches Energy Works to Limit Impacts of High Energy Prices

Letter from the Director

All of you have been feeling the pinch at the pump and are certainly experiencing price increases at grocery stores and local shops.

Utilities are also seeing the impacts of much higher fuel prices. While we understand customers do not want to spend more money for electricity, these recent increases may soon affect your utility bill.

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As part of your monthly electric bill, you pay a bulk power fuel charge, which is a pass-through charge for the cost of fuel used in the production of electricity. Beaches Energy utilizes a rate stabilization account that is used to dampen power cost spikes and dips due to normal fluctuations in market prices for fuel. This past year has been far from normal. Beaches Energy will be carefully reviewing this charge to ensure we have reserves on hand to pay for the fuel required to serve our customers.

Energy Prices Significantly Higher This Year

Natural gas, oil and gasoline prices have increased at least 66% over the last year, and in some months, prices have doubled. In Florida, customers this year will likely spend an additional $400 for electricity. Supply and demand is the main cause of high energy prices. The shortage of truck drivers and railroad workers exacerbates the problem. With nearly 75% of electricity in Florida coming from natural gas, Beaches Energy and our customers will be affected by higher fuel costs.

Beaches Energy is Working to Limit Customer Impacts

Your power costs over the last decade have been the lowest since 2005, and we will work hard to keep our controllable costs to a minimum without affecting the level of service that you expect. In the meantime, for energy-saving tips to keep your bill as low as possible, visit the Save Energy section.

Our mission is to provide low-cost, clean, safe and reliable power to our customers. Know that we remain committed to meeting these expectations today, tomorrow and into the future. Thank you for being our customer.

Best wishes for a bright year ahead.

— Allen Putnam,
Beaches Energy Services Director

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Are you experiencing financial impacts that are making it difficult to pay your utility bill?

The CARE fund is an outreach program that provides assistance for our customers that are unable to pay their utility bill. Apply to the Beaches Energy CARE program for payment assistance today by calling (904) 247-6241.