The Benefits of Public Power

Over 100 years ago, communities began to create their own local electric utilities to provide light and power to their citizens. In the early 1900s, the number of utilities grew rapidly nationwide. Thousands of communities chose to preserve this valuable asset. Today, there are 33 locally owned electric utilities in Florida. Learn how public utilities benefit the communities they serve:

Local Control

We’re here every day, powering every aspect of life – at home, work and at play! Locally owned means we are focused on delivering our community reliable, efficient electric service today, tomorrow and for the years to come.


We keep the cost of power as low as possible. Public Power utilities are not-for-profit entities that operate in the community’s best interest.


You expect the lights to come on when you flip the switch, rain or shine. That’s our goal – but when it does go out, we work as quickly and safely as possible to restore it.


Beaches Energy is proud to be community powered. Because we live here, we want to see our community grow and thrive. Our daily work is delivering power to you, and serving the beach communities is our top priority.

Keeping Dollars in the Community

Local ownership means customers' dollars stay in the community – creating jobs and supporting the local economy.