Get to Know Our Meter Readers!

Each of Beaches Energy’s 35,000 customers has an electric meter at their home. From Neptune Beach to Palm Valley, Beaches Energy meter readers visit neighborhoods throughout the month to read your home’s electric meters.

We know seeing someone unexpected in your yard can be alarming, but it’s important for meter readers to access your meter (located in the front, side or rear of your home). This allows us to see your home’s kilowatt energy consumption and create your monthly utility bill.


Beaches Energy Services Meter Readers


Here’s what you can expect:

Meter readers

  • Readers may arrive any time between 7:00am - 4:00pm weekdays.
  • Your meter reader will read your meter at least once per month.
  • They will have a white truck with the Beaches Energy logo parked within the neighborhood.
  • They will be carrying a large cell phone-sized device used to read the meter.
  • Meter readers will always represent the Beaches Energy logo on their uniform and carry City of Jacksonville Beach identification.
    • Summer: Due to the heat, meter readers wear a blue, moisture wicking t-shirt and sometimes a hat with the Beaches Energy logo.
    • Winter: Meter readers may wear a hooded sweatshirt or jacket with the Beaches Energy logo.

Meter technicians visiting to repair your meter will wear dark gray, fire-resistant, long-sleeve shirts and jeans.

Reading Your Meter

You may want to monitor your energy usage by checking the kilowatt-hours at the meter. Beaches Energy Services uses two types of meters. A cyclometer shows the reading in digits, like a car’s odometer. A dial meter has five dials, as shown in the diagram below.




When the arrow is between digits, write down the lower number. Notice that the dials rotate in different directions, which you can determine by the arrows and the numbering.

To calculate your kilowatt-hour consumption during a certain period of time, simply deduct the previous reading from the current reading.