Looking Ahead in 2024 – Letter from the Director

Dear Valued Customer,

This year has brought many wonderful things for our Beaches community—not least among them, continued infrastructure improvements and a much-needed drop in natural gas prices. As we move into 2024, I’d like to look back at all the Beaches Energy team has done to continue providing exceptional service to our neighbors.

allen putnam

Equipment and Infrastructure

Throughout the year, Beaches Energy employees have worked hard to continue storm-hardening our equipment and moving lines underground—a task that will help us prevent outages and keep the power on when you need it most. Our most recent work has been in the area around Tanglewood Road and Arden Way. We have also been updating substation equipment, including refurbishing two large transformers at our Ft. Diego substation in Palm Valley and upgrading relays and circuit breakers at our Sampson substation near I-95 and SR 210. In 2024, we will complete work on the refurbishing of one of our Jacksonville Beach transformers, including relays and circuit breakers.

Sea Turtle Safety Campaigns

In 2023, we continued our efforts to fundraise for the Beaches Sea Turtle Patrol through the popular #CleanDarkFlat campaign. While our work isn’t over just yet, the campaign has, so far, raised over $15,000 to help fund sea turtle safety efforts and awareness initiatives in our area.

Helping You Save

This year we saw a nearly 24% drop in natural gas prices, which is great news for both our electric and natural gas customers. This follows a nearly 8% drop in 2022 and will mean greater savings reflected in your January 2024 utility bills. To minimize future price swings, we have entered into long-term agreements for incremental purchases of natural gas. This allows us to continue providing the quality service and reasonable pricing you’ve come to expect from Beaches Energy, even as the economy changes. As always, we thank you for being a Beaches Energy customer and trusting us to deliver clean, safe and reliable power to your homes and businesses. Happy New Year!

- Allen Putnam
  Director of Beaches Energy Services