Reliability Matters

At Beaches Energy, our number one priority is providing the most reliable power to our customers, with the least outage time possible. When the lights go out, we dispatch crews immediately, 24/7, to restore your power. But the best way to maintain reliability is to prevent outages in the first place and, through regular inspections, maintenance and upgrades; we’ve done just that.

It’s why the American Public Power Association awarded Beaches Energy with the Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3)* Diamond designation – the highest level of recognition for providing reliable, safe electric service to the community.

Here are some of the ways we’re increasing reliability

Moving Underground

Currently 84% of Beaches Energy’s power lines are underground. By 2023, all main lines will be converted from wood to concrete poles (better for wet, marshy areas) or underground line.

Maintaining Trees

Beaches Energy inspects and trims trees around high voltage lines and lines through neighborhoods to prevent outages and unsafe conditions for our community and linemen.

Improving Lines

New power lines are thicker and designed to break off at the pole rather than snap in the middle, which leads to faster repair if a tree falls.

Upgrading Transformers

In 2020, we completed a $5.34M project to upgrade the oldest transformer at Sampson Substation and provide more reliable service to our customers for the next 30 years.

The first project of it’s kind completed by a Florida municipality in 20 years!

Inspecting Equipment

Beaches Energy conducts infrared scans of the transformers, allowing linemen to check for heat, which indicates a failure will occur soon. Drones are also used to inspect power lines and hard-to-reach areas.

Learn about the most common power outage causes and how we work to prevent them by clicking here.