Protect Your Home from Energy Surges

A meter-based surge arrester—Installed by Beaches Energy Services—stops the surge at the meter, before it enters your home. It handles surges greater than plug-in suppressors, and provides customers with extra protection.

Am I Eligible?

Electric services exceeding 200 AMPS, 12s meters, meters contained in a meter bank (multiple meters—for example, condo or apartment complexes) are not eligible for surge suppression.

To apply for meter-based surge arrester installation, call 904-247-6241 or email

Why Install a Surge Arrester?

Home Electronics

Computers and media equipment can be super-sensitive to surges.


Lightning surges can destroy expensive motorized appliances like refrigerators and air conditioning.

How Much Does a Surge Arrester Cost?

For a small residential monthly charge of $3.50, customers receive free installation, maintenance, and a limited damage warranty.